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This series of glass pieces is a continuation of the series of drawings I started in 2014, titled the Body in Conflict with the Scientific Paradigm. The series explores how continual progress in biotechnology may result in the destruction of natural order, biodiversity, and its potential harm on the human race. In my most recent series of cast glass objects, I utilize both traditional crafting techniques (drawing/sculpting/kiln-casting) combined with modern technologies such as 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and laser cutting. In this new series, I play on the tension between machine-made and handmade. In many cases, these two approaches fight each other, but by programming the CNC in an unconventional way, I intentionally leave sections of the form unfinished in the roughing stage. The CNC creates a pure rendition of abstraction, visible as intricate, subtle carvings, perfectly suited for the accuracy of a robot. This method directly reinforces the intersection of human and machine, becoming one. The combination of the flawless details of the robot with my craftwork (cutting/grinding/carving/polishing) symbolizes how biotechnology engineering may impact future life on Earth.