I am a multidisciplinary artist that works in painting, drawing, sculpture and music. Working in multiple mediums gives me the ability to fully realize a conceptual idea. The concept dictates what material will be used, and this gives me the freedom to fully express an idea without limitations. I feel the need to make art because the world is only getting more complicated, with such rapid growth in technology and science. As an artist I feel three great responsibilities: observe and comment on pressing issues in society, conjure artistic decision through gut feeling and heart, and create work that is crafted beautifully.

My artwork may be dark, but I believe if society wants to foster a sense of openness, coming to terms with the melancholic is just as important as seeing the light. My goal as an artist is to have a positive effect on a broad spectrum of humanity. I believe art should bring people together not alienate. Conveying concepts through imagery allows a diverse population of people to engage. Images break down language barriers and allow people the needed mental space to quietly process the daily loads of information thrown at them.

Why do we Sleep in Beds if we are People is a body of work about the human race removing themselves from the word animal.