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You say that water ain't good for me
I'm a go down to the Bogey Ranch
Where the Devil serves sweet ice tea
Lord that ain't no water for me

I don't wanna step on the Devil's tail
Grab my stash, and I'm up and away
I'm goin' down to sidewalk lane
pick me up a freeway drop it in my brain

Rollin' and grollin' and goin' to hell man
Ain't goin' down to the Devil's tail
Grinin' that goin' down hat
I'm getting' fleep flap and nigh a kno sat

Hammin' and goin' down lee tin' la thaise
Wouldn't that man go anywhere
I could get loaded and grow a stache
Bees on the knees get day light gas
I'm going down to the new old side
Gettin' my lady right on time

Drop a Freeway in My Brain